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The Breakthrough
Acne-Fighting Formula

For Clear, Healthy & Acne-Free Skin

Praventac™ effectively clears existing acne and helps to
prevent future breakouts, while repairing damaged skin
to reduce old and new acne scars. It works by
enhancing the body's natural defenses and inhibiting the
growth of acne-causing bacteria (propionibacterium acnes),
while reducing sebum and inflammation, as well as
repairig acne-damaged skin cells.

Praventac™:your choice of safe & natural acne solution

Made from natural and safe ingredients, Praventac™ is capable of
delivering prominent result within a matter of weeks, it is
proven to be multiple times more effective yet with next to nothing
possibility of treatment-induced breakouts.

Praventac™:cure & reduce acne,acne scars,oily skin,blemishes/pimples, repair acne damaged skin,promote inner health & outer beauty
Praventac™ | The breakthrough solution for acne-proned skin

The Safest
Acne Solution
In The Market

Minimal possibility of
breakout & zero side effect

Approved by Ministry of Health Singapore HSA-1310-01615

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SGS Lab Test Pass
Product safety testing against the safety marks.

KKM Approved
Registered with & approved by the KKM

HALAL Approved
international halal council approved

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Praventac™:100% safe,zero side effect,5X more effective

• Suitable for Vegetarian • Gluten-Free • Clinically Proven Ingredients • Non GMO

• Lactose-Free • Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility • Sodium-Free

Praventac™:best acne fighting formula available & high success rate eliminate acne at any age

From teenage blemishes to adult acne, Praventac™ is a
revolutionary acne-fighting system with one of the
highest success rates
. It is designed to cater to all skin
(oily to sensitive skin) and help people of all ages
to overcome their acne problem

Praventac™:10 years worth of satified Customers & Counting

Being in the market for almost 10 years, Praventac™ has
helped tens of thousands of customers rediscover clear,
youthful complexion
. In order to provide customers with
the most effective acne solution, Praventac™ constantly
seeks to improve its formula based on feedbacks from
real customers

To learn more about what Praventac™ can do for you,
see more testimonials from real, acne-free customers.

Praventac™:uproot acne with 5 efficacious actions(1. enhance the body's natural defences,2. inhibit growth of bacteria,3. repair damages skin cells,4. shrink and reduce the occurrence of bemished spots,5. regulate 'hyperactive' oil glands),natural but poweful ingrdients

Leading Multi-Action
Holistic Formula

Praventac™ is more advanced than other acne supplements
currently available in the market as it attacks acne in not
one, but at least 5 highly efficacious actions, making it at
least 5 times more effective in eradicating all major
acne-causing factors!

Praventac™:be completely free from face and body acne,new found smoothness,new found confidence

Bust Recurring Acne
On Every Inch Of Your Body

Praventac™ treats acne from below the surface of the
, right down to the underlying roots of your skin
, before restoring your skin to its naturally
radiant, healthy state. So not only your face, but your
back, chest and whole body
could finally be free from blemishes.

Praventac™ + Ag-Factor™:the perfect combo to treat hormonal acne

Your Ultimate Acne Tag Team
= Praventac™ + Ag-Factor™

Praventac™ and Ag-Factor™ is the perfect dynamic duo to help you
wipe out those pesky bumps and lumps, safeguarding your
complexion and confidence at all times. Praventac™ diligently
fights and removes the underlying roots of your acne problem
while Ag-Factor™ enhances your immune system, balances your
hormones and detoxes your liver and blood to boost your skin's
overall health and recovery.

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